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Country: Australia  IP:123.200.129.***
Jurisdiction:Asia Pacific
 Practice areas:Employment Law and Industrial Relations
Tel:61 29805 5600 Email:enquiries@blandslaw.com.au 
Brief Introduction to your Services:BlandsLaw specialise in the provision of employment law services and bring over 20 years experience advising corporate clients in this area of expertise.
Website:http://blandslaw.com.au/ Application Date: 2012-03-12 07:26:04
Country: Australia  IP:203.206.161.***
Company:Brisbane Family Law Centre      
Jurisdiction:Commonwealth of Australia
 Practice areas:Family Law (Binding Financial Agreements, Consent Orders, Parenting Plans, representation at mediation, litigation, or negotiation, Wills and Estates, Surrogacy Agreements
Tel: Email:info@bflc.com.au 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Brisbane Family Law Centre (BFLC) is a specialist family law firm committed to providing unique and tailored advice in all areas of Family and Relationship Law.

We offer assistance with a wide array of relationship issues before, during and after separation.
Website:http://www.bflc.com.au Application Date: 2012-02-01 14:55:42
Country: Australia  IP:58.172.218.***
Company:Bainbridge Legal      
 Practice areas:Family law; criminal law; wills and estates
Tel: Email:mail@bainbridgelegal.com.au 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Bainbridge Legal is a community based legal practice located in Sydney Australia. We place great emphasis on the delivery of flexible and convenient legal services to our clients.

Bainbridge Legal can provide you with advice and representation on all range of legal matters including family law, criminal and traffic law, employment law, civil law, debt collection, and all general court work. We are further able to assist you with the drafting and execution of legal instruments such as wills, power of attorney and enduring guardianship appointments.
Website:www.bainbridgelegal.com.au Application Date: 2012-01-26 15:33:10
Country: Australia  IP:110.142.41.***
Company:ICA Lawyers      
Jurisdiction:Commonwealth of Australia
 Practice areas:
Tel:614398899995 Email:info@icalawyers.com.au 
Brief Introduction to your Services:ICA Lawyers is an Australian based boutique litigation, insolvency and commercial practice located in Victoria. We remain deliberately small and dynamic which allows us a flexibility in our client relationships that is unique in our practice areas. We strive to form long term relationships with our clients and where appropriate, introduce them to our broad network of trusted domestic business partners. If we cannot assist a client, we will be able to provide referrals to a trusted partner.
Website: Application Date: 2012-01-12 10:00:22
Country: Australia  IP:42.241.77.***
Company:Burgess Sport & Entertainment Law      
Jurisdiction:Australia & New Zealand
 Practice areas:
Tel:+61 (0) 431 467 010 Email:gene@bselaw.com.au 
Brief Introduction to your Services:We are a boutique law firm which focuses on servicing clients involved predominantly, in the sports, entertainment and media sectors. We can provide a full suite of legal services including: intellectual property and technology, corporate and commercial, estate planning, litigation, employment, finance and tax.

I have a business degree (majoring in accounting), a law degree with honours, a post graduate diploma of legal practice and I have nearly completed my Masters of Laws. I have worked for Australian top-tier law firm Minter Ellison, as well as Australia's premier sports & entertainment management firm, AMI Sport & Entertainment (now aspire management).

We have experience dealing with Chinese business parties.

I have been published in numerous online and paper-based mediums (including in pre-eminent Australian screen magazine 'encore'). I also teach international sports law at SPU. I have received
Website: Application Date: 2012-01-06 17:34:19
Country: Australia  IP:203.45.136.***
Company:Greenhalgh Pickard      
Jurisdiction:Australia - Law, Accounting and Tax
 Practice areas:
Tel:0754441022 Email:john@greenhalghpickard.com.au 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Business/commercial law, litigation, Immigration, Accounting and Tax.We are a multidisciplinary, technologically sophisticated company, to provide ease of communication and assistance to our clients, based both in Australia and overseas.
Website: Application Date: 2011-12-02 11:15:27
Country: Australia  IP:203.35.1.***
Company:Rouch Lawyers      
 Practice areas:
Tel:61394993854 Email:colin@rouchlawyers.com 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Business & Commercial Lawyer
Website: Application Date: 2011-10-11 13:12:04
Country: Australia  IP:120.151.17.***
Company:Perry Legal      
 Practice areas:
Tel:0 61 2 49404602 Email:kristen@perrylegal.com.au 
Brief Introduction to your Services:We offer a broad range of legal business services:

- intellectual property
- commercial litigation
- advice & acting for both sellers and purchasers in business acquisitions
- contract drafting
- terms & conditions
- corporations advice
- insolvency and bankruptcy
Website: Application Date: 2011-09-19 07:56:34
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