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Country: Albania  IP:31.22.48.***
Company:Kasmi consulting      
 Practice areas:civil, criminal, administrative, commercial, contracts, IPR, litigation, arbitration
Tel:+355 682010106 Email:brikenakasmi@yahoo.com 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Kasmi consulting is a new firm established by 3 persons of a long term experience in justice system in Albania. Its main expertise comprises fields where partners have worked for more than 10 years. the fields of expertise are civil law, administrative, criminal law, litigation, contracts, commercial law, arbitration.
it has a strong sense of responsibility, transparency and accountability toward the performance and client consulting.
its partners are licences-ed attorneys in IPR. it has close agreements with economic consultants and other professions.
the firm has established institutional cooperation with the public institutions in the country and other foreign organizations that operate in the country.
Website:www.kasmi-consulting.al Application Date: 2013-10-24 14:20:06
Country: Algeria  IP:197.203.166.***
Jurisdiction:Administratif- Commercial
 Practice areas:Algeria -Tunisia
Tel:00213792631297 Email:mbenadjemia@yahoo.com 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Commercial- corporate law- securities law- tax law- companies law- competition law,
Website:www.univ-wargla.dz Application Date: 2014-07-04 15:00:05
Country: algeria  IP:41.105.32.***
 Practice areas:
Tel:X 213 21 72 13 08 .. X 213 72 16 45 Email:mgavocat@gmail.com 
Brief Introduction to your Services:EDI , CORPORATE ,LABOUR , etc
Website: Application Date: 2011-07-30 18:19:02
Country: Algeria  IP:41.105.54.***
Company:Goussanem & Aloui Law Firm      
 Practice areas:
Tel:+213770902516 Email:info@algeria-lawyers.com 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Business and Corporate law, Tax law, Legal audi, Debt collection, Due Diligence, Doing business in Algeria
Website: Application Date: 2011-07-11 09:43:02
Country: Argentina  IP:200.45.189.***
Company:Legal Correspondent Argentina      
Jurisdiction:Argentina Chile
 Practice areas:
Tel: Email:legalcorrespondentlatam@gmail.comA 
Brief Introduction to your Services:I’m offering my services as a personal correspondent and legal adviser in Argentina and Chile, to help build up your development in Latin America.
I am an independent specialized tax lawyer, and have been working with foreign firms and investors providing the following services:

- Legal guidance
- Economic information
- Assistance for visiting investors
- Meeting point in between public and private sectors
- Investment development services
- Property seeking
- Company formation
- Intellectual property
- Enterprise and commercial law
- Government Affairs
- Enterprise registrations service

I hope we keep in touch.
Best regards, Dra. Natalia Lafica.
Website: Application Date: 2014-07-08 06:02:33
Country: Argentina  IP:190.210.189.***
Company:Lanfranco & Dery      
 Practice areas:
Tel:(54 11) 4325-5090 Email:fcm@lydabog.com.ar 
Brief Introduction to your Services:We are a highly specialized team of professionals which main goal is to help and support our clients towards the achievement of their objectives in a agil, practical and effective way.

We have the necessary tools to render a service of excellence.

We firmly believe in the permanent interaction between the clients and the Firm as a fundamental value.

Since the time of its creation, Lanfranco & Detry has experienced constant growth by incorporating new areas of practice enabling us to provide a complete legal service.

We have a network of correspondent firms that allows us to take care of our client's needs in the whole country.
Website:www.lydabog.com.ar Application Date: 2014-07-05 03:51:30
Country: Argentina  IP:186.124.127.***
Company:ESTUDIO SVARTZ      
Jurisdiction:Buenos Aires
 Practice areas:civil, commercial & maritime
Tel:54 911 68961945 Email:svartzar@gmail.com 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Lawyers as from 42 years practice in civil, laboral, commercial & maritime law in Buenos Aires city and suburbs with correspondace lawyers in other locations in the country
Website: Application Date: 2013-05-29 22:21:46
Country: Argentina  IP:201.81.14.***
Company:Cordeiro y Asociados - Abogados y Consultores      
Jurisdiction:Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay
 Practice areas:International Law, Civil and Business Law, Administrative Law, Tax and Customs Law, Labour Law, Maritime and Aeronautic Law and International Bussiness
Tel:+54-11-20576769 Email:info@cordeiroabogados.com.ar 
Brief Introduction to your Services:Given the growing flow of capital and the increase in business relationships between the leading partners of Mercosur, in the year 2011 in the city of Buenos Aires the legal firm “Cordeiro y Asociados – Abogados y Consultores internacionales,” was established. Cordeiro y Asociados is the result of the coming together of Argentine and Brazilian attorney-consultants with a high level of professional experience in both the national and international markets, strengthened by a thourough and specialized legal education.

Our main objective is to give a quick, efficient and confident response to our clients, maintaining as our principal focus the advice and consultancy to both national and Brazilian businesses, as well as multinationals in diverse areas of legal proceedings. That's why we rely on a network of strategic alliances with law firms in Brazil, Argentina and other regions, with the intention of responding to the growing market demand and to the needs of our clients. In order to provide our clients with the best attention, we also have at our disposition a variety of associated professionals with solid experience specializing in various areas.

With this as our vision, the goal of our team is to defend the interests of our clients so they can attend to their business activities with the highest possible level of security. That is why we garurantee excellent and efficient personalized attention with the highest quality results.

Our greatest asset is our team of professionals characterized by precise strategies and deeply rooted ethical values that come together to form our philosophy: talent, hard work and eficciency in obtaining results.
Website:www.cordeiroabogados.com.ar Application Date: 2012-02-28 02:14:38
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